Anglia 105E Panels - The bigger picture!

Outer Sills

Basic Repro Sills

46.00 each

Sills with Inner Step

59.50 each

Inner Step section

20.00 each



Front Outrigger & Jacking Point

75.00 each

Rear Jacking Point & Front Spring Hanger

75.00 each

Rear Box Section & Rear Spring Hanger

Includes the lip shape for door shut and return edge to butt up to door pillar

75.00 each

Front Wing Front or Rear Lower Repair Section

Complete lower section.

75.00 each


Front Wing Rear Edge Repair Section


75.00 each

Door Skin - 199.00

Half Door Skin - 98.00

Quarter Door Skin - 38.00

Lower Door Skin - 28.00

Front Floor Pan Repairs

57.00 each


Rear Wing Repair Sections
Front & Rear

80.00 each

A Post Repair Sections

148.00 each

Battery Tray


Return Lip for Wing to
Inner Wing

55.00 each

Front Wing

520.00 each

Inner Wing Top Section

98.00 each

Headlight/Wing Top
Repair Section

95.00 each


Under Wing Top Mount
Repair Section

45.00 each

 undr wing thing

Inner Sill
Left or Right side

89.00 each


Front Valance



Rear Valance



Centre Sill
Left or Right side

92.00 each

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