US Race Cars - Radiation (1966)

Randy Troxel & Son

Chevy powered, ran 137mph in '66 season.

For Sale - Wonder how much it was?
Would YOU buy something like that? Damn right!

Update: 13th March 2010:

Thanks to William Duke for the following information, based on his experiences of drag racing in Southern California.
Randy Troxel and his father ran it. It debuted in 1968 as an injected BBC powered A/Gas car running high 9's. Later in the summer of 1970, he added a blower and stepped up to AA/gas supercharged. In that guise it ran mid 8's. However the gas class was changing to later model bodied style configurations more along the lines of a funnycar. Thus, the boxy little rig was becoming uncompetitive prompting him to sell it. He sold the car to a guy from Puerto Rico, whereupon its new owner, in taking it for his maiden pass, crashed it!

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